Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eleven Months

Brady- Who needs sleep? No your never gonna get it! Who needs sleep ……….
Wow this month what can I say? You stay up till 9:30 or 10:00 pm sometimes! All other babies in town are asleep except Brady Smith, he is special. You aren’t cranky you just won’t slow down or let us rock you to sleep and if we put you in your crib, well forget it. We know it is just a faze buddy so with a little help from the coffee gods your daddy and I might just make it. You pull up on the couch now or anything you can manage to get a good grasp on and you are taking steps (with our help of course). You still love army crawling it is what gets you to the object of your desire the quickest. You love to eat whatever is on mommy and daddy’s plate, forget baby food, who needs that? Except you still love your fruits and oatmeal at breakfast. You took another plan trip this month. Yep we took you to Florida! You had such a great time playing in the sand on the beach and you would scream with excitement as you watched the newest wave approach your feet, when it hit your toes you would smile and make sand angels with your feet. You made so many sand angels you got blisters on your heels! I know you will be walking next month, and I can’t wait, or can I? Love you Jelly!

Ten Months

Brady- The crawling is on! Go Brady Go! You go everywhere! You crawl super fast the minute your daddy walks in the garage door from work. You can’t wait to get your hands on him. If he passes you up to say hi to Hopper first jealousy strikes and you start to cry. It is a competition between you and the dog everyday to see who can manage to get Daddy’s attention first. You stand up all the time with your caterpillar, sometimes you lose your balance and fall, we all hear about it for at least a minute or two and then you go back to your business with all of your toys. You entertain yourself so well. You will sit in the middle of the family room and move from toy to toy and talk and sing for at least an hour. I have never seen a baby entertain themselves so well. You are starting to fight sleep a little more with us you think you only need a couple of hours and then you are good, little man, you need sleep to help you grow! We only hope one day you will understand that and listen to us, yes we have big dreams. J Can’t wait to see what happens next month. Love you!