Tuesday, April 27, 2010

when you looked away

today is the day i will find mischief when you look away. i will torment my brother, i will dump out your pot of basil, i will pull everything off the grocery store shelf and i will climb out of my strap on the grocery store cart. i will scream at the top of my lungs, i will laugh when you give me the "please be quiet look." today is the day i am learning of another button to push and another hair to pull.
i know you are growing. i know you are learning. god grant me the patience to survive this phase and the serenity to accept this time for what it is, my boys being boys.

Friday, April 23, 2010

sushi anyone?

i can't believe this either. my picky eater eating a tuna roll. if you asked me if he would ever even try this i would have laughed and then told you no. the other night he was playing at the table while we were finishing up our dinner and he asked if he could have some chopsticks and sushi. alas we humored the little man and this was the result. he even went back for seconds. i know... crazy right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

these chairs started it all....

aren't they absolutely beautiful?

i love the swirl marks in the table top, they are reclaimed floors from an old house, somewhere...

the four chairs and my new table..... all because of the chairs in a little antique shop in littleton, i now am the proud new owner of something a little old, but new to me. this antique shop owner is also the proud owner of a vintage market here in littleton that i have frequented a few times. i probably will be frequenting it more often this summer. (want to join me meg?) i used to decorate, country style before i met my husband brian. we bought a contemporary style house and i changed my whole decorating style. who says that you can't mix a little old with the new? so that is what my new mission is, to slowly swap out a few things, but keep some of my current things and create a beautiful home.
by the way, we used craigs list for the first time ever. i listed our old table and chairs on friday night for sale and someone was at my house saturday morning with cash to buy it, for what we were asking i might add... can you believe it? i know, i am still in shock too!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

stars in the making

we had a small concert in our front room the other night. brady has taken a strong liking to music, guitars and drums. he can carry a beat and a tune. i know he didn't get those talents from me, (at least the carrying a beat part.) logan of course had to join in with some drumming on the guitar, he still needs to learn what to hit and what to strum. i know some of you are in shock looking at brian. another little unknown fact of my husband he can play a guitar also! mark my words someday we will be pulling out this picture of brady at a concert only he will be on stage and this guitar will fit him much better. by the way he asked for a guitar and drums for his birthday. too cute. not sure how i feel about the drums but i think a guitar would be awesome... wonder if they make them that small?

Monday, April 12, 2010

hangin' with elmo

one could say that brady had a rather big week. first he got to see the great taylor swift. we topped off the end of the week with sesame street live.. brady had a great time with his best buddy little dobs signing and dancing to all of our sesame favorites. i must say people you have not lived till you sit through the sesame street live show. the things you do as a parent.......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

brady's first concert - girlfriend... who else?

we had a great time last night. i have never seen someone so smitten and so excited to see someone as our little brady last night. he rocked out on my lap to all of his favorites and sat completely still as she performed his favorite "romeo" song. we had a great time. thanks taylor!

also a special thanks to auntie for the great home made romeo t-shirts. they were a hit last night with all the people sitting around us!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

coloring easter bunny eggs

this is exactly why you don't give your one year old a cup full of dye and a real egg. you become smarter the second time around on some things..... logan got empty cups with plastic eggs to color. he was none the wiser and had a great time. so did mommy no huge mess to clean up!

this year brady kept saying when are we coloring the "easter bunny eggs." too cute! he had a great time and when asked what color he wanted to start with first he replied, "pink". shocker!
we are ready for you to come visit mr. easter bunny..... hop on over to our house please!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the zoo

we finally made it to the zoo after a long time of not going..... it was a fun trip. logan's first trip going where he actually realized things were living and moving. everything was unt that, unt that. his phrase he uses for just about everything. we definitely don't unt that polar bear....especially after watching him eat his breakfast.

brady really enjoyed the tropics section. we have been watching a show called the big green rabbit. brady has learned about a lot of things because of this show including green anacondas. he was really excited to see one up close and sang the green anaconda song for all to hear at the zoo. lets hope if he ever gets to a rain forest that he doesn't get this close to one that isn't behind a huge pane of glass :).

we had a great time with our friends today and were thankful for some beautiful colorado weather!