Monday, June 29, 2009

the magic table

we brought home aunt tracy and daddy's table from when they were little. the table makes andy the panda come to life..... today we read many books to andy and he loved them. can't wait to see what fun we will have with andy the panda tomorrow!

home again home again

mr frog wanted to come home with us. he said he would ride the kawasaki all the way here since mommy did not want him in the car...... but we left him in chicago for grandma and grandpa to take care of. we miss them already. thank you so much for the fun week grandma and grandpa. we can't wait until we can do it again!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

what's that off in the distance?

what is that off in the distance? is it a squirrel? a bird? some crazy phenomenon we have never seen before? that's right..... it is a man mowing the lawn. we have waited patiently all day for the mowers to come to grandma and grandpas house. we could hardly wait. so here we are on the front steps watching them mow the neighbors lawn...... waiting, yes waiting for them to come to our house next....... whine, whine, mower, Yes please today.

logans new drink of choice

hoping this won't be used as black mail sometime in the future by the grandparents........... my little sun baby having a beer and floating in the pool to keep cool on this hot chicago day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

brady kissing frogs

grandpa showing brady the frog he caught in the pool this morning

logan the water baby - he whined when we took him out!

brady jumping in the pool to daddy!

daddy catching lightening bugs for brady.
the adventures at grandma and grandpas house never end. we have been able to see so many cool things we don't have in colorado! we love the pool but we don't like the heat and humidity. i feel like a wilted flower outside during the day. it is worth it though to see the boys having so much fun hanging out with their grandma and grandpa! here is to many more days of adventure and fun!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pass the sweet potatoes please!

rice and oatmeal have not been your favorite. you spit most of it out. we tried some sweet potatoes the other day and i must say...... you love them! you eat a tub of them at a time. little man you are so different from your brother already. when he started solids he would eat everything sweet that was a fruit. so if this is a vision into my future i will have one kid who eats all fruit and absolutely no veggies (brady) and one kid who will eat veggies and no fruit (logan). yum yum!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the 2nd birthday party

stoplight cupcakes .... yes i baked them and decorated them!

carter, cole and will taking a break and sippin juice

brady playing red light green light and sammy driving the bike

cole, brady, grammy, little dobs, amy and sammy having some lunch

sammy, carter, will and little dobs playing red light, green light.

birthday boy blowing out the candles
brady had a wonderful 2nd birthday with all of his friends and family. we did the disney cars theme (of course what else would we do?). i made stoplight cupcakes and wheel pasta salad to go with the theme. we played red light, green light (ever tried to play that with bunch of toddlers?) very amusing!!! the kids played and had a wonderful time. thank you to all of you who participated in this very important milestone in brady's life. we were so happy to have all of you there.
pictures were taken by meghan. wonderful job sister. i am beginning to learn to delegate. you are a great photographer. thank you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brady!

two years ago today i woke up exhausted, scared and excited. i had been trying for a day to get you to come into this world with no cooperation from you. the day progressed and you still did not want to come. finally after two days of labor we decided to do a c-section. the anticipation of you finally arriving was more than we could take anymore. as they wheeled me down the hall to the operating room i wasn't scared of being cut open, okay well maybe a little, i was scared of becoming a parent. i had no idea of what to expect. i prayed for a healthy baby and there you were. you were so tiny and perfect. today you turned two. my how quickly the days go by. i felt like crying most of the day. how could my little baby be two already. i have begun to forget little things about you from when you were a baby. time has a way of replacing memories with new ones, no matter how hard you try to hold on to all of them. i know the memories i will keep are the ones that i am supposed to. you are such an amazing little man. you can make me laugh, cry and angry all in a matter of two minutes. you are the sweetest thing i have ever seen in the morning as you slowly try to wake up to start your day and the biggest wiggle worm at night as you try to fall asleep. we are so blessed to have you in our life. i cherish everyday that i get to spend with you brady. you are my little jelly, p-pie, peanut and little man. i love you sooooooooo much. happy birthday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

they don't make'em like they used to

i never thought i would be the type of person to say this phrase, especially about pj's. here i am on my soap box about something so simple. these pj's were found in gee gee's basement complete with the sears and roebuck tag still on them with a price of $3.99. they are simple terry cloth pj's with vintage mickey mouse on them. they are so soft, so simple, sooooo well what can i say my favorite pj's for logey. can't find anything like them on the market today. they have pj's with all the other bells and whistles, but nothing like these. gee gee thanks for saving these all of these years for who knows what. logey sure does love them and so do i.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Logan and the shrinking monkey - 5 months

well, well aren't we growing up big mister! you are becoming such an individual. your personality becomes a little more evident every day. you rolled over this month from your stomach to your back and then a week later from your back to your stomach! you look nothing like your brother at this age and i believe your hair is going to stay brown. your papa was holding you the other day and i have to say you look a lot like him. you started solids but are really not that interested in them. the first day you had them you helped me guide the spoon to your mouth but ever since... not that interested. you now bat the spoon away. you have begun to wake up a lot more at night than you used to, but I will chalk that up to the stomach virus you had for about two and a half weeks. you still love to be swaddled at night for sleeping, i don't know what i will do when you no longer fit in the biggest swaddle sack we can buy..... you started the jumparoo this month but just sit there in it and play with the toys on the front you have yet to figure out how to jump. your brother tries to help you and you just laugh. you smile all the time! everyone comments on how you are the happiest baby they have ever met. you love to stare at the cat when he walks by you, but you don't stare at his face you are fixated with is tail. you know bat at everything and try to grab it. no more drinking while we are holding you or we will be wearing it! we are so glad you are a part of our family. we love you logey roo!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

happy birthday gee gee!

there is a first for everything after losing a loved one. today was her first birthday without her here to celebrate with. we went out to lunch with uncle russ today and then all four of us (uncle russ, mommy, brady and logan) drove out to the cemetery. i cut some snowballs off of the snowball bush she gave me and a couple of other flowers from my own garden to leave for her. when we were done we dropped uncle russ off. i could not help but remember her when i got our of my car at her house. the smell of flowers was in the air, birds flying about and yes we got to see the deer in her front yard. the wildlife refuge is still alive and well. brady and i walked through her yard and cut some flowers to bring home. a little piece of her i will have in my home until they wilt and fade away. i know how happy she would have been today watching brady explore her yard and sweep her front porch with the broom. i miss you so much gee gee. i hope you had a great birthday today. i think of you often.

Monday, June 1, 2009

keep shovelin!

it is safe to say that this guy loves the rice cereal! Another milestone in the life of logan roo!
he was pulling my hand toward his mouth and shoveling it in faster than i could scoop!