Thursday, June 4, 2009

happy birthday gee gee!

there is a first for everything after losing a loved one. today was her first birthday without her here to celebrate with. we went out to lunch with uncle russ today and then all four of us (uncle russ, mommy, brady and logan) drove out to the cemetery. i cut some snowballs off of the snowball bush she gave me and a couple of other flowers from my own garden to leave for her. when we were done we dropped uncle russ off. i could not help but remember her when i got our of my car at her house. the smell of flowers was in the air, birds flying about and yes we got to see the deer in her front yard. the wildlife refuge is still alive and well. brady and i walked through her yard and cut some flowers to bring home. a little piece of her i will have in my home until they wilt and fade away. i know how happy she would have been today watching brady explore her yard and sweep her front porch with the broom. i miss you so much gee gee. i hope you had a great birthday today. i think of you often.

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