Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the 2nd birthday party

stoplight cupcakes .... yes i baked them and decorated them!

carter, cole and will taking a break and sippin juice

brady playing red light green light and sammy driving the bike

cole, brady, grammy, little dobs, amy and sammy having some lunch

sammy, carter, will and little dobs playing red light, green light.

birthday boy blowing out the candles
brady had a wonderful 2nd birthday with all of his friends and family. we did the disney cars theme (of course what else would we do?). i made stoplight cupcakes and wheel pasta salad to go with the theme. we played red light, green light (ever tried to play that with bunch of toddlers?) very amusing!!! the kids played and had a wonderful time. thank you to all of you who participated in this very important milestone in brady's life. we were so happy to have all of you there.
pictures were taken by meghan. wonderful job sister. i am beginning to learn to delegate. you are a great photographer. thank you!

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