Saturday, February 19, 2011

yogurt inspired colors

this morning as we eat breakfast and color waiting for brady to wake up, we worked on our colors.  logan is starting to repeat everything you say so it is a great time to teach!  when i asked him what color he was coloring with this morning he confidently said "otton andy"  logan language for cotton candy.  our favorite flavor in tubed yogurt.  i said, "i think it is blue" and he repeated, "blue?"  i said, "yes."  then he sat quietly for a moment and said, " no mommy.  un dat otton andy."  love this age.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ipad generation

i hate to admit this but these boys show me a thing or two on how to use the i pad.  yes i repeat a three year old and two year old are showing their mommy how to work this little pad of magic.  we like watching movies on here and playing games.  the newest obsession is scrolling through the you tube videos and watching random clips of kids or little animated unicorns.  you name it they can do it and they have the finger swipe down better than most of you i pad junkies out there.

what's next?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

vintage cooking

my mom surprised me with this book last night.  my grandma gave it to me back in 1992.  (gosh i feel old.)

my grandma had the most amazing handwriting and she dated everything she gifted if she could.  every card was dated, book etc.  her sweet words inside brought a smile to my face.  i can't wait to dive into this with the boys and make some "simple" recipe food. 

thanks for keeping my stuff mom it is fun to get little things like this from my childhood to pass onto my boys.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i walk by these beauties several times a day.  a dear friend of mine brought them by to me on a day that i wondered if i would make it through.  i couldn't even show my face at the door when she dropped them off.  it is amazing to me the emotions that i have been feeling over this particular road block in my life.  i have felt many feelings i never knew i could feel.  the roller coaster ride has been one i will choose to forget as soon as i am done healing. 
today i walked past these and noticed they were bone dry. all the water had been sucked up and yet they looked as beautiful as they did the day they were delivered.  you see the great man upstairs has a plan for all of us, a hard thing to remember in the face of adversity.  there is a time and place for everything. i remind myself every morning,  god never gives us more than we can handle. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

home made valentine cards

don't get me wrong the store bought pre-made valentine cards are good.  however, don't you think that making valentine cards with your little ones mean so much more?  these were simple.  i found some cute scrap booking paper and cut hearts out and we glued them with a glue stick to card stock paper.  with a couple little cupid like phrases written in..... we are good to spread our love to all of our classmates!  brady had a great time punching out the hearts with me and gluing them on.  the best part of this project was how many times he said, "mommy i love you, you are my valentine."