Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i walk by these beauties several times a day.  a dear friend of mine brought them by to me on a day that i wondered if i would make it through.  i couldn't even show my face at the door when she dropped them off.  it is amazing to me the emotions that i have been feeling over this particular road block in my life.  i have felt many feelings i never knew i could feel.  the roller coaster ride has been one i will choose to forget as soon as i am done healing. 
today i walked past these and noticed they were bone dry. all the water had been sucked up and yet they looked as beautiful as they did the day they were delivered.  you see the great man upstairs has a plan for all of us, a hard thing to remember in the face of adversity.  there is a time and place for everything. i remind myself every morning,  god never gives us more than we can handle. 


Christy said...

You have tons of strength my friend. Brighter days are ahead! Hang in there.... XOXO

Meghan said...

i second that sweet girl. i love you so, so much.

Amy said...

I once received a beautiful tulip bouquet much like these on a difficult day in my life too...praying their beauty helped you heal during those days and praying the healing continues every day ahead!

My particular road block took me down a different road than the one I thought I was traveling, it allowed me to see new sights, gain perspective, understanding, and feel real, raw emotions - it changed me. It's not something I ever want to face again but looking back now I see other little gifts that have come to follow that low time.

Although I'm not sure complete healing is possible, I do agree God never gives us more than we can handle and through it all the greatest gift of that day has been the hope I've found in the future.

Praying for you and whatever road block you experienced...praying you're moving past it to greater things, hope and trust in Him!