Thursday, July 28, 2011

grandma and grandpas

there is nothing like hanging with grandma and grandpa for a week.  lots of sweets, a really cool pool that the boys eventually liked towards the end of the week and the ability to see santa in july!
mommy and daddy love all of the good food and watching the boys play with the grandparents they miss soooo much.  we wish you guys lived closer!  thanks for a fun filled vacation and all the love you gave the boys.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i can't believe it finally fits

this outfit was a gift from brady's great uncle stan.  i remember opening it shortly after he was born and thinking to myself, this will never fit my precious little boy.  today i cleaned out the boy's closet and reminisced about every outfit that no longer fits.  this outfit hung in the back of the closet.  i pulled it out and checked the size.  sure enough brady was ready to wear it and it fits beautifully.  where has the time gone?  i certainly was not prepared for the everyday frustration of raising two boys eighteen months apart.  my lack of preparation has also become evident in the feeling of sadness in how quickly time seems to be going by.  yet another reminder to just roll with the punches, find more patience, laugh with them and love every minute we have for time is flying by quickly.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

diy vintage summer fabric flower wreath

my front door has been looking a little bare.  so i finally had some energy to get crafty and put a little something in the works.  i had all of this stuff just laying around.

i started with a wreath i got at the dollar store and some plain white fabric.  i tore the fabric in strips and simply wrapped it around the wreath.  When i was done i pinned it in the back.

i then cut circles out of some summery vintage fabric laying around the house.  they don't have to be perfect, you will bunch the fabric while you sew on buttons.

i then picked out some vintage buttons out of a sack of buttons my grandmother gave me.  any button will do!

as i sewed the buttons on i bunched the fabric underneath to create a flowery look.

after done i sewed them onto the wreath.  this is the end result!

i hung it on my front door, however i did not post the picture.  the wreath i used was too small for the door.  sigh........

small oversight on my part but still a cute looking wreath!