Thursday, November 15, 2012

First day of preschool 2012

You little man are growing so fast.  I cannot believe how quickly the time is going.  You were very excited for pre-school this year.  Something to fill your time.  You miss Brady so much now that he is in school all day.  You are enjoying your time at pre-school making new friends and even wowing the ladies.  You have a little admirer this year.  Her name is Lexi and she is super cute and sweet.  The first of many I am sure.
Love you Logey Roo!

First Day of Kindergarten for Brady

I sit and stare at this photo and wonder how we got here so quickly.  The last five years have flown by.

Logan took the job of walking you to school on this day very seriously.

This is you outside of your classroom.  Your teacher Mrs. Skanderbeg is one cool lady.
I worried about you all day, wondered what you were doing and how it was going.  It is a big change from 1/2 day preschool to full day kindergarten but......

When I picked you up this was your smile and you said you had a great day.  Love you Brady you are growing up to quickly.

Three boys in a tub... rub a dub dub

This was one of my most favorite memories of you guys.  This was your first bath together.  Tyler was so excited to be one of the big boys. You guys did a great job playing  with him in the tub.  I know this will be one of many pictures of the three of you together smiling.  Love you boys!


Sweet Tyler Bear.  Life with three has been a challenge for your mommy.  Two to Three kiddos was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.  Here I sit typing about the last 5 months of your sweet life.  I have missed some of the shrinking teddy pics and for that I am sorry.  It is so fun to see you change from month to month.
You are one of the most easy going babies I have ever known.  You go with the flow and never complain about anything.  The picture below is your 6 month pic.  You are always smiling by the way.
Below is you around 7 months.  You started pulling up on everything.  This was your first accomplishment.  Our magazine holder and you thought you were big stuff.
It wasn't long after that you started couch walking.  I am sure walking without help is righ around the corner.

This is you at 9 months.  You are the fastest crawler out of any of my babies.  One minute you are there the next you are at the top of the stairs.  You aren't afraid of much.  You love you pacifier.  Harldy ever do you part ways with it.  Sometimes you even put it in between bites at dinner time.  We won't talk about your sleeping habits.  You are falling right in line with how your brothers were.  I know eventually you will be a great sleeper they finally are.  Besides I do love to snuggle with you at night. You love to wrestle with your brothers.  Leading with your head and laughing the whole time you guys roll on the floor.  You finally cut your first tooth and 9 and 1/2 months.  It was one of your bottom front teeth.  You don't like baby food and prefer to eat whatever we are eating.  You always check your highchair tray to our plates.  There is no fooling you.  You love to feed the dogs and often just sit and laugh at them.  Our dog Kenzie appears to be your favorite at the moment.  You put a smile on Daddy, Mommy, Brady's and Logan's face everyday.  We are so glad you are here with us.  We couldn't imagine our family with out you.  Love you Ty, Ty.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tyler reminds us somedays we just need to look in the mirror and laugh at ourselves.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

summer is almost here!

a little brotherly ride through the sprinklers...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tyler and the Shrinking Teddy 3 months

you are growing up so fast.  you are one of the happiest babies i have ever known.  you wake up with a smile every morning and it carries through the whole day.  the only time you cry is when you need a diaper change or are hungry.  how did i get so lucky?  you are trying to roll over turning your head as hard as you can.  you love to chew on my fingers and have really found your voice.  you might give brady a run for his money in a couple of years.  you are sleeping pretty well as long as it is between mommy and daddy.  you love to watch your brothers and the dogs run around.  you aren't a big fan of tummy time, but i promise you, you will love it some day.  you have taken notice to your hands this month, sucking on them and staring at them all the time.  keep growing and smiling we are so lucky to have you in our life little bit.  much love, mommy and daddy, brady and logan.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tyler and the Shrinking Cowboy Teddy 2 months

sweet baby boy.  you are growing like a weed.  never thought i would be tossing clothes that you have outgrown into the give away bin so early and no they are not newborn size either.  you have been so much fun this month.  starting to coo and smile.  you are certainly a snuggler and i soak up as much of this as i can.  you are holding up your head really well and those legs, while it doesn't surprise me since you were in my tummy, they are super strong little kickers.  you watch your brothers in pure amazement and wonder.  don't worry buddy you will be running around with them in no time.  you still wake up a lot at night, but this is nothing new to us for the smith boys have never been good sleepers.  you are by far one of my more mellow children, i can only hope that will continue throughout the rest of your life. we love you a whole lot little man keep growing and smiling.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tyler and the shrinking cowboy teddy - 1 month

it is hard to believe a month has gone by since you entered this big world.  it seems like just yesterday i heard your tiny cries in the operating room.  we finally got you back up to birth weight after 3 weeks.  you are a slow eater but are getting the hang of it now.  you do a lot of sleeping during the day and a little less than i would like at night.  i know we will get you turned around.  you are a snuggle bug.  you prefer to be close to your mama all the time.  in fact as i type this post right now you are in your bjorn snuggled against my chest.  last night you loved having your older brother brady sing to you.  you stared up at him and even cracked a couple of smiles.  we can't wait to see what this next month holds as you continue to grow.  we love you little bit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

we welcome tyler jacob

we waited so patiently for these little shoes to be filled with adorable little wrinkly feet.

this would finally make our family complete.

we welcome the newest member of our family: tyler jacob.

the sweetest little face you have ever seen, and as quiet as quiet could be.  i know in time this all will change once your older brothers have the opportunity to show you their ways.  until then we will snuggle you and love every minute of your new life.  what a blessing we have been given.  we love you little ty.

Happy 3rd Birthday Logan!

i can hardly believe you are three.  it seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into our arms.  this past year we have watched you blossom.  your personality is one of a kind and often reminds your mommy of herself at times.  you are an ipad wiz and talk our ears off, a welcome noise to my ears.  you love to rhyme especially with peoples names.  your favorite is,  "mommy, fomey, domey." your one dimpled smile and big blue eyes charm everyone in the room every time.  your shy yet devious ways will surely make all who meet you remember you for the great young man you are becoming.  we can't wait to see what the next year holds.  we love you very much logey roo!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

single blades

just when you had your skating legs all figured out, he threw you for a loop.  santa brought you single blade skates, you asked for them anyway....  a little less sturdy than those double blades you learned on.
watching you two move slowly around the ice was one of the most heart warming things i have seen.
your daddy's strong arms, patience and steady legs helped you to get around.
you are so lucky to have him as your daddy and in no time you will be floating around on the ice with grace and speed while both of us watch proudly from the bleachers.