Monday, April 2, 2012

Tyler and the Shrinking Cowboy Teddy 2 months

sweet baby boy.  you are growing like a weed.  never thought i would be tossing clothes that you have outgrown into the give away bin so early and no they are not newborn size either.  you have been so much fun this month.  starting to coo and smile.  you are certainly a snuggler and i soak up as much of this as i can.  you are holding up your head really well and those legs, while it doesn't surprise me since you were in my tummy, they are super strong little kickers.  you watch your brothers in pure amazement and wonder.  don't worry buddy you will be running around with them in no time.  you still wake up a lot at night, but this is nothing new to us for the smith boys have never been good sleepers.  you are by far one of my more mellow children, i can only hope that will continue throughout the rest of your life. we love you a whole lot little man keep growing and smiling.

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