Thursday, January 26, 2012

we welcome tyler jacob

we waited so patiently for these little shoes to be filled with adorable little wrinkly feet.

this would finally make our family complete.

we welcome the newest member of our family: tyler jacob.

the sweetest little face you have ever seen, and as quiet as quiet could be.  i know in time this all will change once your older brothers have the opportunity to show you their ways.  until then we will snuggle you and love every minute of your new life.  what a blessing we have been given.  we love you little ty.

Happy 3rd Birthday Logan!

i can hardly believe you are three.  it seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into our arms.  this past year we have watched you blossom.  your personality is one of a kind and often reminds your mommy of herself at times.  you are an ipad wiz and talk our ears off, a welcome noise to my ears.  you love to rhyme especially with peoples names.  your favorite is,  "mommy, fomey, domey." your one dimpled smile and big blue eyes charm everyone in the room every time.  your shy yet devious ways will surely make all who meet you remember you for the great young man you are becoming.  we can't wait to see what the next year holds.  we love you very much logey roo!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

single blades

just when you had your skating legs all figured out, he threw you for a loop.  santa brought you single blade skates, you asked for them anyway....  a little less sturdy than those double blades you learned on.
watching you two move slowly around the ice was one of the most heart warming things i have seen.
your daddy's strong arms, patience and steady legs helped you to get around.
you are so lucky to have him as your daddy and in no time you will be floating around on the ice with grace and speed while both of us watch proudly from the bleachers.