Monday, August 31, 2009

first day of school

today we packed our lunch box and filled our sippy with juice. we put it all in our new thomas school bag and loaded in the car. you see today was brady's first day of school. he has been talking about his new school bag for days. not sure he knew that the school bag would entail going to school and saying bye to mommy and daddy. a few tears and a pick up from miss yvonne and a peek out the window and he was good as new. sammy's mom went in after me to drop sammy and told me brady was happily playing with a truck. i sure do miss him while he is there but there is life outside of mommy even if i don't want there to be.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


logans new lamp

the material that i will make his window valance out of.

i was given the above lamp by my friend meghan. the shade was originally covered in a green material. i have been struggling to find a cute monkey lamp to go in logan's room. i found this great material and decided to cover the shade with it. i also found coordinating material for his window valance. i am so excited. i feel like i have done the environment a huge favor by recycling something as well as my pocketbook! it really turned out cute and it only took me 10 minutes to put together. logan's room is coming together slowly but surely.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the coolest park ever...... too bad it is so far away

yes this was the most awesome park. just so you all know i am using my old camera which is not nearly as awesome as my broken camera which is currently in the shop, but alas i finally am able to take some pics to share with you. we traveled to loveland the other day and visited the most awesome park for a KW Northern Colorado picnic. the coolest thing was the real life freight train that passed by the park parking lot just as we were arriving. brady as never seen a train that close and was very excited i must say. anyway the park had an awesome water section picture above. an awesome sandpit picture above which was under a pavilion so little fair skinned guys such as mine do not get a sun burn. it also had a frog slide and many other cool features which i have never seen here in the metro area. daddy volunteered for charity to have water loaded balls thrown at him. brady helped to load the balls with water in the bucket. what a great afternoon we had topped off with a huge piece of cake with lots of icing for brady smith.
logey even got a little taste.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sweet nothings

something so simple as a "goodnight mommy" as brady is being carried off to bed over daddy's shoulder makes everything i do worth while. i love being a mom.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a day in the countryside

today we went to papa and great grammy's house. we had a great time walking by the creek. we stopped to throw a few rocks in for some splashes with papa. we then walked to the blue cow cafe in morrison and had some lunch. what a great day spending some time experiencing nature. exploring the sights, sounds and texture of the great outdoors.

no pics today, camera is broke hoping to have fixed after this weekend....... so bear with me until i get it back..... the pictures will be seen again :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Noises at Night

i have been inspired by my friend meghan and also by vcbmkl (Vintage Children Books My Kid Loves). i have began my quest to find new books to help expand my childrens minds as well at their imagination. brady has recently been waking up frequently at night. i thought it might be night terrors or those odd little sounds that wake him and cause him to be startled. while at the library the other day i came across this wonderful book noises at night. that evening before bed we snuggled in and cracked this one open. i must say that Beth Raisner Glass and Susan Lubner do an excellent job of turning night time noises into excellent adventures. in this book the little boy imagines many common night time noises are adventures such as riding planes, opening treasure chests, charming snakes and rounding up cattle. a very well illustrated and imaginative book that will plant happy ideas of night time sounds in your little ones mind. from here on out when i find childrens literature that inspires my little ones i will write a post about it so that you may share with your little ones too, if you so choose.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

all dogs go to heaven

today we said goodbye to a wonderful, loyal, loving family member. her health was there but her legs could no longer carry her. i have never known my husband without his dogs. they were his life before i met him and became mine as we merged our lives. hops was one of barley's puppies (the one no one seemed to want.) brian decided to keep her and i am so glad he did. when i first met brian he lived on pennsylvania street in platt park. everyday hops would go out into the back yard and lay on top of the hot tub cover and bask in the sun. when the kids got out of school she would race up and down the fence barking at them as they passed. i feel so lucky to have had the time with her that i did and to be able to share in brian's memories of her. i wish that i could take away your pain and sadness brian. i know how much you love her. you gave her such a wonderful 14 years here on earth and stuck by her when most people would have given up. i know she will be walking by your side in spirit every day. our lives will not be the same without her around but i know she is much happier now running with barley up in doggy heaven.
we love you hopper. there will not be a day that goes by that we don't think of you. give barley hugs and kisses for us. we will see you again someday.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

logan and the shrinking monkey - 7 months

goodness couldn't get you to hold still like a could in months past for a picture! monkey bean. you are getting so big. you cut your first tooth this month. that little bottom left front tooth finally came through. you are also sitting up on your own fairly well. you still have the occasional tumble where you bonk your head and cry out of frustration more than pain. you have a new favorite blankey (i like to call it the magical blankey). your gee gee picked it out for you before she passed. i was afraid to use it for so long, being it was the last thing we got from her, but have realized she would want you to use it. you can't go to sleep with out it at night and often clutch a piece of it in your hand while you sleep. you roll, roll, roll and have started to do a little inch worming. you still love to watch your brother and have become very interactive with him. you are still fairly quiet and not saying a lot but with your big bro around who could get a word in? you are eating solids better and absolutely love graham crackers and cheerios. you take more interest in big people food then you do in baby food. guess we will skip a lot of that and just mash up what we are eating. you are very opinionated and definitely know what you want. i wouldn't expect any less from any of my children when it comes to that. we love you monkey bean.