Friday, August 7, 2009

Noises at Night

i have been inspired by my friend meghan and also by vcbmkl (Vintage Children Books My Kid Loves). i have began my quest to find new books to help expand my childrens minds as well at their imagination. brady has recently been waking up frequently at night. i thought it might be night terrors or those odd little sounds that wake him and cause him to be startled. while at the library the other day i came across this wonderful book noises at night. that evening before bed we snuggled in and cracked this one open. i must say that Beth Raisner Glass and Susan Lubner do an excellent job of turning night time noises into excellent adventures. in this book the little boy imagines many common night time noises are adventures such as riding planes, opening treasure chests, charming snakes and rounding up cattle. a very well illustrated and imaginative book that will plant happy ideas of night time sounds in your little ones mind. from here on out when i find childrens literature that inspires my little ones i will write a post about it so that you may share with your little ones too, if you so choose.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear if this helps him sleep better. Grandma Smith from Helsinki, Finland.

Mikelle Smith said...

no such luck so far but at least we tried :) hope you are enjoying your vacation.