Sunday, August 2, 2009

logan and the shrinking monkey - 7 months

goodness couldn't get you to hold still like a could in months past for a picture! monkey bean. you are getting so big. you cut your first tooth this month. that little bottom left front tooth finally came through. you are also sitting up on your own fairly well. you still have the occasional tumble where you bonk your head and cry out of frustration more than pain. you have a new favorite blankey (i like to call it the magical blankey). your gee gee picked it out for you before she passed. i was afraid to use it for so long, being it was the last thing we got from her, but have realized she would want you to use it. you can't go to sleep with out it at night and often clutch a piece of it in your hand while you sleep. you roll, roll, roll and have started to do a little inch worming. you still love to watch your brother and have become very interactive with him. you are still fairly quiet and not saying a lot but with your big bro around who could get a word in? you are eating solids better and absolutely love graham crackers and cheerios. you take more interest in big people food then you do in baby food. guess we will skip a lot of that and just mash up what we are eating. you are very opinionated and definitely know what you want. i wouldn't expect any less from any of my children when it comes to that. we love you monkey bean.

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The Kier's said...

Oh my gosh! He is a total "mini me" of Brian!