Thursday, July 30, 2009

my famous friend

(picture courtesy of sweet pea and beans)
my friend meghan has been such a wonderful influence on me. she teaches me to open my mind and try new things with my children. she has given me a link to a world of old books some that i have never heard of let alone though of reading to my children...... needless to say thank you meghan for inspiring me to think outside of the box and to let my children's imaginations run wild!

today she wrote a guest blog post on a blog that i watch often to learn of old (but new to me) fabulous books to read to my children. well done meg. i can't wait to read this book.
she is also an amazing friend for watching my boys one night so i could work. crazy for saying yes. my kids had a great time by the way and slept like gems. love you.

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Meghan said...

thank you love! tell b smith canada isn't all it's cracked up to be.