Thursday, July 23, 2009

a few quick updates

thanks to aunt mo's help i finally got the letters done for both boys rooms. they turned out really cool. You just glue paper on to letters, cut off around letter with knife and then sand down the edges with sand paper! easy and cheap way to decorate a little one's room!

last of all but truly funny.... brady learned how to put his shoes on all by himself but he always puts them on this way...... he knows it is wrong because as soon as he is done he comes to me and says "wrong foot.... fix wrong foot......."
i love motherhood i am either laughing or crying.......


Anonymous said...

The letters look great on the wall. I'm sure Brady loves the car pictures. Good job putting on the shoes.

Christy said...

What is it about two year old and their shoes. Brady D does the same thing. It's too cute. Nice work on the letters you creative one!