Sunday, July 12, 2009

go camping, go RV clark?????

here we are in front of our new camper!

yes brady is trying to be like hopper and came up with a full mouth of dirt!

brady is parking his camper and truck just like daddy

brady's first Smore. Yum!

talking to grandma and grandpa on the phone the next morning. note the dirt all over the boy from head to toe. is brady under there somewhere?
goodbye boating hello camping. it is the dawn of a new era for the smith family. we had a great time on our first trip. we saw squirrels, alvin the chipmunk, humming birds and a giant black crowe. brady played in the dirt for hours. we made smores around our little propane fire (couldn't have the real thing where we stayed.) hopper got to go and i am pretty sure it was the highlight of her whole year. we all slept pretty good in the camper and had not run ins with larger wildlife which i would call a huge success. can't wait till we do it again later this month!

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