Wednesday, January 30, 2013

in the land of hundreds of little pieces

the land of lego... we have entered and may never return.  hundreds of little pieces not a mommy favorite with a baby in the house who just turned one.  however you boys sure do love them and spend hours imagining, building and dreaming.  so i allow it with the ever constant reminder to keep them on the table and check the floor for little pieces. to my amazement you boys are doing a wonderful job of just that.  i love how "big" both of you have become lately.... melts my heart.

in this brief and unusually quiet moment in my house

we have few quiet moments here.  a house of three busy boys all 5 and under.  i sit here in this unusual brief quiet moment, your older brothers have gone to hockey practice it's just you and me little man.  i can hear you opening and shutting the kitchen cabinet door.  a few seconds later another ping of metal or plastic hitting the wood floor.  another cookie cutter down followed by the sound of cookie sprinkles shaking in their plastic container.  an occasional giggle or two and a few quiet as a mouse shreels.  then i hear the slow and unsteady thud of your little feet as you make your way over to me to play your new favorite game of passing.  my heart is full with happiness, yet sadness at the same time.  this is the last time i will hear these sounds and cherish these little baby moments.  soon you will be grown, loud and fast as a fox on those feet just like your big brothers.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Star Wars Wall Art

My boys are into everything Star Wars these days.  I am redoing their room again and making it more a big boy room.  I really wanted these star wars prints from Pottery Barn Kids.  They are $29 for four of them and simply needed more art for their room to cover the walls.  Plus $29 for four small prints was irritating but it is Pottery Barn.  I went shopping with Logan looking for Star Wars posters and he spotted something even better.....
This calendar.  It was $9.99 and had the same exact prints in it as above but instead of 4 prints it had 13!
We bought it!
A few ikea frames and now I have plenty of art for my kiddos walls and it looks great!  The total project cost me just a little over $30!  Frames and all!  The boys are so excited they can't wait to hang them all!


A little man was wanted by all for hugs and birthday kisses.  The reward was a good one.

His older brother Brady made this picture for him the night before his party.  I absolutely love it and will have it framed in him room really soon.

Fun little cups at the watering hole to wet your whistle.

A whole lot of sugar and cowboy fun.

Yummy cupcakes to celebrate our our little cowboy's first birthday.

My sweet boy was a little unsure of the candle and all the people singing to him.

After he had the opportunity to taste it's goodness.

His true personality came out in nothing but laughter, smiles and lots of funny faces.
Happy birthday little cowboy Tyler.  We love you so very much!
Daddy, Mommy, Brady and Logan.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler

Happy Birthday my sweet Tyler Bear!  I cannot believe a year has gone by so quickly.  It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming you into this world earlier than we expected to.  You are the sweetest little man that I know. You play so quietly with your toys that sometimes I forget you are around.  You love your big brothers and want to be just like them.  You sometimes don't understand that you are not 5 or 4 yet.  We love your constant smiles and ability to light up the room when you come in.  You are quiet as a mouse most of the time.  You love your pacifier, you never leave home with out it.  You have only cut your two bottom front teeth.  You cut them around 11 months of age and have been struggling to get those top two teeth in.  You eat whatever we eat and love graham crackers with a passion.  You started walking a couple of weeks before your 1st birthday and are really getting the hang of it now.  You put your hands up high in the air to balance and then get to walking.  Applauding yourself as you go.  I cannot tell you how much joy you have brought into all of our lives and we are so blessed to have you here with us.  We cannot wait to see what the next year holds.  We love you.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

First day of preschool 2012

You little man are growing so fast.  I cannot believe how quickly the time is going.  You were very excited for pre-school this year.  Something to fill your time.  You miss Brady so much now that he is in school all day.  You are enjoying your time at pre-school making new friends and even wowing the ladies.  You have a little admirer this year.  Her name is Lexi and she is super cute and sweet.  The first of many I am sure.
Love you Logey Roo!

First Day of Kindergarten for Brady

I sit and stare at this photo and wonder how we got here so quickly.  The last five years have flown by.

Logan took the job of walking you to school on this day very seriously.

This is you outside of your classroom.  Your teacher Mrs. Skanderbeg is one cool lady.
I worried about you all day, wondered what you were doing and how it was going.  It is a big change from 1/2 day preschool to full day kindergarten but......

When I picked you up this was your smile and you said you had a great day.  Love you Brady you are growing up to quickly.