Wednesday, January 30, 2013

in this brief and unusually quiet moment in my house

we have few quiet moments here.  a house of three busy boys all 5 and under.  i sit here in this unusual brief quiet moment, your older brothers have gone to hockey practice it's just you and me little man.  i can hear you opening and shutting the kitchen cabinet door.  a few seconds later another ping of metal or plastic hitting the wood floor.  another cookie cutter down followed by the sound of cookie sprinkles shaking in their plastic container.  an occasional giggle or two and a few quiet as a mouse shreels.  then i hear the slow and unsteady thud of your little feet as you make your way over to me to play your new favorite game of passing.  my heart is full with happiness, yet sadness at the same time.  this is the last time i will hear these sounds and cherish these little baby moments.  soon you will be grown, loud and fast as a fox on those feet just like your big brothers.