Saturday, July 25, 2009

what were you people reading to your kids in the 60's and 70's??

brady has a new favorite book. he picked out a couple of weeks ago and we read it a few times a week. it was given to us in a box of books that belonged to brian when he was little. today we were driving to a parade and brady was in the back seat of the car talking about bunnies and grass. it is amazing what children absorb because when i was reading this tonight there is a page dedicated to the painting of bunnies in the grass. as i was reading tonight my mind began to wander as i was reading about the mushrooms in the forest of all different colors, pink, orange and blue and painting pink elephants winking at you. no doubt this book was written in the 60's. i can't believe they let this get published! none the less i was on amazon looking for a picture of this book to post on the blog and you won't believe this it is worth $39 or more..... craziness......

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