Sunday, July 12, 2009

logan and the shrinking monkey -6 months

our little monkey is getting so big soooooo fast. you have the most amazing personality. you can light up any room you are in. when i first pick you up in the morning out of bed you do a little kick and a little scream. you are so excited to get your day started. you didn't cry at all when you got your shots at you 6 month appointment. we took you to grandma and grandpas house in illinois this month. you are not a big fan of being in a car for 16 plus hours but we made it. you sure did love their pool. you are definitely a water baby. you still are not sleeping well through the night but i know that eventually you will once you start taking to solids more, which by the way you are not liking so much this month. if you could survive off of breast milk for the rest of your life i think you would like that. you are so excited when your brother is around. i can tell you just want to get up and go just like him. don't worry little man that will come with time. you change so much every day we can't wait to see what you will do next month. love you logey roo!

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