Monday, July 20, 2009

holy weather!

swimming anyone? we got hit by a huge storm tonight. at 10:15 ish we heard on the news we had a tornado warning so we woke both boys up and took them downstairs to the basement. the hail was hitting our house so hard i thought our windows were going to blow in. it passed after about 20 minutes and these pictures reveal what is left of our tomato and tomatillo plants. the hail was stacked so high on our front steps that there were no front steps. yuck, the clean up tomorrow is going to suck!


Anonymous said...

I've heard of Christmas in July but this is crazy. Hope your tomato plants survive. They look pretty good on the vine. Grandma Smith

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. I first thought it was snow. I am surprised the noise from the hail did not wake up the boys. I am glad you are all okay. At least you did not get hit with the tornado. Love Merri