Sunday, August 23, 2009

the coolest park ever...... too bad it is so far away

yes this was the most awesome park. just so you all know i am using my old camera which is not nearly as awesome as my broken camera which is currently in the shop, but alas i finally am able to take some pics to share with you. we traveled to loveland the other day and visited the most awesome park for a KW Northern Colorado picnic. the coolest thing was the real life freight train that passed by the park parking lot just as we were arriving. brady as never seen a train that close and was very excited i must say. anyway the park had an awesome water section picture above. an awesome sandpit picture above which was under a pavilion so little fair skinned guys such as mine do not get a sun burn. it also had a frog slide and many other cool features which i have never seen here in the metro area. daddy volunteered for charity to have water loaded balls thrown at him. brady helped to load the balls with water in the bucket. what a great afternoon we had topped off with a huge piece of cake with lots of icing for brady smith.
logey even got a little taste.


Meghan said...

uhhh...did someone forget to tell us we could throw things at b smith for charity?!?

Christy said...

We must explore this park someday! Another destination for the must do adventure list!