Wednesday, August 5, 2009

all dogs go to heaven

today we said goodbye to a wonderful, loyal, loving family member. her health was there but her legs could no longer carry her. i have never known my husband without his dogs. they were his life before i met him and became mine as we merged our lives. hops was one of barley's puppies (the one no one seemed to want.) brian decided to keep her and i am so glad he did. when i first met brian he lived on pennsylvania street in platt park. everyday hops would go out into the back yard and lay on top of the hot tub cover and bask in the sun. when the kids got out of school she would race up and down the fence barking at them as they passed. i feel so lucky to have had the time with her that i did and to be able to share in brian's memories of her. i wish that i could take away your pain and sadness brian. i know how much you love her. you gave her such a wonderful 14 years here on earth and stuck by her when most people would have given up. i know she will be walking by your side in spirit every day. our lives will not be the same without her around but i know she is much happier now running with barley up in doggy heaven.
we love you hopper. there will not be a day that goes by that we don't think of you. give barley hugs and kisses for us. we will see you again someday.


Meghan said...

what a sweet, sweet, girl. i'll ask my dad to keep an eye on her. love you guys!

The Kier's said...

That is so sweet Mikelle! You made me cry! Hang in there, the pain will heal in time.
My dad can watch out for Hops and Barley as well. Love you guys!

Christy said...

Sweet Hopper. Hang in there! I have a feeling she's watching down on all of you, relaxing in the sunshine!