Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sweet Tyler Bear.  Life with three has been a challenge for your mommy.  Two to Three kiddos was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.  Here I sit typing about the last 5 months of your sweet life.  I have missed some of the shrinking teddy pics and for that I am sorry.  It is so fun to see you change from month to month.
You are one of the most easy going babies I have ever known.  You go with the flow and never complain about anything.  The picture below is your 6 month pic.  You are always smiling by the way.
Below is you around 7 months.  You started pulling up on everything.  This was your first accomplishment.  Our magazine holder and you thought you were big stuff.
It wasn't long after that you started couch walking.  I am sure walking without help is righ around the corner.

This is you at 9 months.  You are the fastest crawler out of any of my babies.  One minute you are there the next you are at the top of the stairs.  You aren't afraid of much.  You love you pacifier.  Harldy ever do you part ways with it.  Sometimes you even put it in between bites at dinner time.  We won't talk about your sleeping habits.  You are falling right in line with how your brothers were.  I know eventually you will be a great sleeper they finally are.  Besides I do love to snuggle with you at night. You love to wrestle with your brothers.  Leading with your head and laughing the whole time you guys roll on the floor.  You finally cut your first tooth and 9 and 1/2 months.  It was one of your bottom front teeth.  You don't like baby food and prefer to eat whatever we are eating.  You always check your highchair tray to our plates.  There is no fooling you.  You love to feed the dogs and often just sit and laugh at them.  Our dog Kenzie appears to be your favorite at the moment.  You put a smile on Daddy, Mommy, Brady's and Logan's face everyday.  We are so glad you are here with us.  We couldn't imagine our family with out you.  Love you Ty, Ty.

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