Monday, June 8, 2009

Logan and the shrinking monkey - 5 months

well, well aren't we growing up big mister! you are becoming such an individual. your personality becomes a little more evident every day. you rolled over this month from your stomach to your back and then a week later from your back to your stomach! you look nothing like your brother at this age and i believe your hair is going to stay brown. your papa was holding you the other day and i have to say you look a lot like him. you started solids but are really not that interested in them. the first day you had them you helped me guide the spoon to your mouth but ever since... not that interested. you now bat the spoon away. you have begun to wake up a lot more at night than you used to, but I will chalk that up to the stomach virus you had for about two and a half weeks. you still love to be swaddled at night for sleeping, i don't know what i will do when you no longer fit in the biggest swaddle sack we can buy..... you started the jumparoo this month but just sit there in it and play with the toys on the front you have yet to figure out how to jump. your brother tries to help you and you just laugh. you smile all the time! everyone comments on how you are the happiest baby they have ever met. you love to stare at the cat when he walks by you, but you don't stare at his face you are fixated with is tail. you know bat at everything and try to grab it. no more drinking while we are holding you or we will be wearing it! we are so glad you are a part of our family. we love you logey roo!

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