Thursday, April 1, 2010

the zoo

we finally made it to the zoo after a long time of not going..... it was a fun trip. logan's first trip going where he actually realized things were living and moving. everything was unt that, unt that. his phrase he uses for just about everything. we definitely don't unt that polar bear....especially after watching him eat his breakfast.

brady really enjoyed the tropics section. we have been watching a show called the big green rabbit. brady has learned about a lot of things because of this show including green anacondas. he was really excited to see one up close and sang the green anaconda song for all to hear at the zoo. lets hope if he ever gets to a rain forest that he doesn't get this close to one that isn't behind a huge pane of glass :).

we had a great time with our friends today and were thankful for some beautiful colorado weather!

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