Thursday, April 15, 2010

stars in the making

we had a small concert in our front room the other night. brady has taken a strong liking to music, guitars and drums. he can carry a beat and a tune. i know he didn't get those talents from me, (at least the carrying a beat part.) logan of course had to join in with some drumming on the guitar, he still needs to learn what to hit and what to strum. i know some of you are in shock looking at brian. another little unknown fact of my husband he can play a guitar also! mark my words someday we will be pulling out this picture of brady at a concert only he will be on stage and this guitar will fit him much better. by the way he asked for a guitar and drums for his birthday. too cute. not sure how i feel about the drums but i think a guitar would be awesome... wonder if they make them that small?

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Meghan said...

they do!