Monday, April 14, 2008

Brady Nine Months

Brady- Our little Dracula is going away! You finally have cut your two front teeth. Leave it up to our little Jelly to do everything differently than others! You figured out how to crawl forward. At first you would pull yourself with your arms and then kick your little back feet like you were swimming, it was so much work. We tried to help you by showing you your hands and knees but you wanted no part of that. At the end of this month you finally figured out how to army crawl, you get around much quicker now. You also love your little V-tech bike and Winnie the Pooh bus-bike. We push you around our house on the hardwood floors and you sit their so proud. Towards the end of this month you figured out how to make yourself go back wards on the bikes as well. You love to go backwards kid! You also pulled your self to a standing position on your caterpillar in your pack and play the other morning! You have only done that once, and my, you sure were proud of yourself you stood their screaming and smiling for five minutes! I have a feeling you will go straight from Army crawling to walking, forget this crawling stuff that is for babies! You are starting to become more independent in your eating you still love cheerio’s and puffs but you also eat avocado, noodles, and banana! All by yourself! Such a big boy! We love you little man!

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