Friday, January 16, 2009

brotherly love

brady has got the hang of brotherly love, even though he is annoyed sometimes we know he loves logan or "wogan" if he is saying it. well..... finding time to blog lately has been well impossible, but we are starting to get some sort of routine down. as much of a routine as you can have with two kids under the age of two. brady is adjusting pretty well, i thought this picture was fitting. he is trying to really hard to be the loving older brother, but sometimes does not realize his strength or size of his head and the damage that it can do to logan. we remind him to be gentle and it seems to be working. sleepless nights, lots of diaper changes, swaddling and balancing attention between both boys is the name of the game. i hear little cries it is time for me to go. will try to blog again soon and keep all of you up to date on our ever growing little family.

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