Friday, February 13, 2009

The story of Logan and the shrinking monkey - 1 month

Welcome home Logan Roo! We are so happy to finally have you here. This month has been such a roller coaster ride. Your big brother is excited to have you here most of the time, but sometimes gets a little jealous. I know that you will be the best of buds some day, it will just take some time. You are already sleeping better than Brady ever did and are smiling in your sleep. I know it is probably gas, but it sure is cute. You love to be cuddled and loved on and we love to do it. We have been giving you sun baths because you came home with a little jaundice. You seem to enjoy your brother serenading you when you are crying. We are so lucky to have you home and healthy. We love you little man and can't wait to watch you grow this year and many years to come.

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