Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Monkey!

i can't believe a whole year has gone by. it seems like yesterday that i heard your first cry. you have brought so much joy and love to your daddy and i. when you were born i had an image in my mind that you would be a carbon copy of your brother. you could not have been more different from the second you came out. everyday you prove to be your own person and ironically the exact opposite of your brother. you are constantly smiling and if you aren't then i know something is definitely wrong. you love to cuddle when you are tired but when it is tome to go you want nothing to do with hanging out in my arms. you definitely know what you want and get extremely frustrated when you lack the coordination to accomplish it. don't worry little man that will come with time. you have a total of six teeth on your first birthday, you can walk really well with assistance and can take six to seven steps on your own. you are so proud of yourself when you do. you want to do everything your brother is doing and refuse to play with your toys all you want are cars, trains and anything that is in brady's hand. you get into everything and i mean everything that you are not supposed to. you know how to say harley, dada, momma, this, and you can bark like a dog. you love opening and closing doors and have become a stair master. you can push almost anything including our dining room chairs and you are able to mount your brothers bike by yourself and sit on it like you know just what you are doing. you have started to have a little separation anxiety from your mommy but i will cherish these moments for in a few months you will care less if i am in the room or not. you are quite a little eater as your picture shows. you love anything that is a carbohydrate and we are working on a lot of other things but a few of your favorites are sweet potatoes, yogurt, yogurt melts and graham crackers. i am so excited to see all that you will accomplish this next year. you are such a sweet little boy and i love you so very much.


Anonymous said...

Your thoughts brought tears to my eyes. I know when your boys read these postings in the future they will truly know how much you love them and how proud you are of all their accomplishments, no matter how small. You are a great mother and Brady and Logan are very luck to have you there. Give Logan a kiss and hug from me and hope to meet the little guy soon. Love Aunt Merri

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Logey! We miss you!