Friday, May 7, 2010

a little stich here a little stich there

so i have been feeling a little domestic lately.... no i am not pregnant.

i saw this adorable owl fabric in the fabric store the other day. my cousins are about to have a baby and have decorated their nursery in owls. i could not walk away from this fabric and i am glad i did not because when i went back the next day to purchase other fabric this was all gone. i hope you like your burp rags nora and chris i had a great time sewing them. that is after i figured out why my thread would not stay in my needle. thanks to a call to my grandma jean it was fixed in a jiffy. to all you fellow sewers out there, when the thread won't stay in the needle, it is time for a new one.

my other project, of which grandma jean is helping me with. a cars quilt for brady's bed. i searched all over on the internet looking for a good quilt, didn't care for any of them in the stores. so here i am creating my own for his twin bed we will be transitioning him to in the next few months or so. i will post a picture of this one when i am all done. wish me luck.

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