Thursday, March 17, 2011

hidden treasures

this was my great grandmothers trunk.

don't you love the detail on the top?  it runs down the sides too and all along the bottom.  i won't lie it needs a little work, maybe a coat of black paint to cover up years of slight wear and tear, but overall it is in pretty good condition.

in my mind i placed it in our front room.  do you think it is to tall for the sofa?  it is the perfect finish to my rustic restoration hardware look of the room.

i also found these vintage suit cases and old military trunk.  i love the idea of decorating with old vintage stuff.  the top suitcase is a little on the stained and weathered side.  i can't decide if it is too stained for my taste.  after all i know that is part of the charm of this decorating idea.  what do you think?  for those of you who have decorated this way any tips on how to get the stains out of the straw like material covering the suitcase?

by the way found all of this in my grandmas basement.  amazing what cool things you find if you go basement diving on a thursday.
thanks mamaw!

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