Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brady 7 months

Brady- You are such a little person! You are developing quite a personality! You make daddy and I laugh all of the time. You will probably be the class clown some day. I love that you love to snuggle. We pick you up now and you wrap your little arms around our neck and hold on for dear life. It is the most heartwarming feeling that I have ever felt. You love to look at the dog and kitty and the dogs make you laugh. We lost our dear Barley this last month, but you still have your other puppy Hopper around to watch and roll toward. Which brings up the rolling, you roll everywhere! Forget crawling you try but you inch yourself away from things instead of toward. When you get frustrated that the object of your attention is getting farther away you turn yourself and then roll, roll, roll until you reach it. You roll all over the family room! You sit up really well now but when you forget what you are doing because you are concentrating on toy to much then you tumble and donk your head on the floor and start screaming, I don’t think it hurts to much I just think it scares you. You say Mum but only when you are hungry, tired or upset, the rest of the time it is da-da. You also have started saying ti-ti, I think you are saying Kitty. Can’t wait to see what next month holds! P.S. You started cutting two top teeth this month the two next to your two front teeth. You have five total now!

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