Monday, February 18, 2008

Napa Trip

Well we just got back from Napa! For those of you asking I thought it was a very kid friendly place and we were not the only ones there pushing strollers in and out of all of the winery's! We met Grandma and Grandpa Smith out there for a quick weekend and had a great time. Who wouldn't in wine country. (Especially us wine lovers.) The mornings were foggy, drizzly and humid but then the sun would come out and the temperature would clime intow the sixties. A nice break from the 20 degree weather we returned to in Colorado. The landscape was green and lush and the mustard flowers covered the grounds of most of the vineyards. We learned that the mustard flowers make for great ground cover in the fields. Our favorite wineries for the ambience was the Rubicon estate formerly known as Coppola. There was a lot of Francis ford Coppola museum items there and the grounds were very casltle like. We also enjoyed the beautiful views and garden grounds of Viansa. By far our favorite winery for the wine was Silver Oak. Their new building was under construction so they just had a trailor set up, but we didn't care because the wine was fabulous!

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