Monday, April 20, 2009

busy bee

a year and a half ago i was going crazy in my house. i was a new mom who had completely lost my identity. i was staying home getting spit up on changing poopy diapers, nursing, changing poopy diapers and worst part of it i felt completely alone. looking back on those days makes me laugh. i thought i would never survive and my life was over. these days i am so busy taking care of both my boys, starting a new business and a social calendar i would have killed for back then. i am not alone. i have met a lot of great people. other moms that know exactly what i am going through. it is a great social network and i am so happy to be completely busy everyday. i look forward to the days that i can stay home and get caught up on laundry and all the other things that continually pile up..... and it is okay to let them pile up because my kids happiness and my sanity depend on it! there is life inside and outside of mommy hood you just have to be willing to accept your new life for what it is. some day i will look back on these days and miss them terribly......

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