Thursday, September 17, 2009

kindness of a stranger

today while standing at the check out line at king soopers the kindness of a stranger caught me off guard. after a long day of errands and avoiding our house because the roofers were here pounding brady logan and i stopped to buy dinner for the night. maybe it was the look on my face as i asked my child with hot chocolate covering 90% of the front of his shirt for the 5th time to stay in the car cart. the look on my face as logan squealed uncontrollably. the daze on my face in between all of that that this woman felt i needed some help. she handed me two pennies so my boys could ride the horse on the way out. what a kind thing to do for a mommy trying to get back into the swing of action after a peaceful vacation. i truly needed some help getting back into the saddle. thanks to the kind lady who put a smile on my boys faces and gave me two minutes of peace this afternoon. people truly do amaze me :) it has me thinking what kind of little random thing can i do to completely turn someones day around.

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