Wednesday, September 16, 2009

napa - ing

well well..... i had a few days with out the boys..... oh yes....... i survived a lot better than i thought i would. dare i feel guilty.... it was not looking so good as a left with two sick boys on antibiotics and one clingy baby... not to mention the crying as i hugged grandma smith goodbye pleading her to take good care of my boys (i had no doubt she would).....but alas the plan took off and i found myself without my children for the first time ever.



i got to sit still for more than two minutes

here i am back to reality now it took only two seconds to get there after stepping in my door but tell the truth? i wouldn't have it any other way.

good times, good wines and good friends. there is life outside of children and i can still hang. what a feeling i tell you, oh what a feeling.


Meghan said...

same thing i told christy...i'm in for napa v.2. glad you had so much fun and glad you're back. i can't wait to get me some brady and logan love!

Christy said...

Yes---you for sure can still hang!!
No doubt about it! Good Times!
It seems like so long ago........ :-)