Thursday, November 5, 2009

what you get when you have boys

we went to the library today to get new books of course. as we were waiting to check out, i could not help but watch the family in front of me. you see, that mom had two little gorgeous girls with brown curls on top of their heads like i have never seen. they were checking out books about princesses and flowers and fairy tales. i looked in my basket it was full of books about front end loaders, trucks, trains, more books about trucks and trains. i have learned a lot about a world that i probably wouldn't have embarked on had i not had any boys. i still would like to read about princesses who sleep on peas and sleeping beauties in towers.... don't get me wrong though. i would not trade my two handsome monkeys for anything in the entire world.


Anonymous said...

For Christmas, I will get you books about princesses and you can read thme to your boys. They need well rounded education. I would definitely stop short of trying on dresses, though. Love Merri

Mikelle Smith said...

Thanks Aunt Merri! I do think that Brian would not be too happy about coming home to his boys in dresses....... thanks for the laugh.