Thursday, November 19, 2009

wow! big equipment outside our window

whoa - yes today we saw a jack hammer, a (small version of a road cutter.) and some more mud jacking on our block. i fear our house is next. the houses on both sides of us have needed some form of mud jacking. i was surprised to find out how relatively in-expensive it is for all it accomplishes. this morning we heard the dat dat dat dat of the jack hammer and then spent the next 45 minutes staring out our dining room window at the workers in our neighbors yard. they waved a few times at us. i am sure we were giving them quite the complex. i explained mud jacking to brady and how it raised the concrete up, up, up. he then repeated my sentence saying, "mommy they raise the concrete up up up to the milky way!." some of you may not understand that and others of you will. it is from one of our favorite books In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak. Anyway we had a lovely day at home. mommy catching up on all that was not being done at our house and there was a lot apparently. brian got up at 1 am to put socks and underwear in the washer for work the next day. so we did laundry, played and walked the dog. i still did a little real estate work too. i feel much better going to bed tonight knowing all have clean clothes to wear tomorrow. they may have to come downstairs to get them off of my folding table (the formal dining room table), but they are clean.

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