Thursday, January 28, 2010

its been a week.....

the common cold turned bad, we took logan to the doc after a week and a 1/2 of a bad cold and sleepless nights. we found out he has an ear infection and rsv. he now is on a nebulizer three times a day to help him with his breathing and it is working quite well. he is sleeping through the night now with the help of this, kinda makes me wonder what is in this stuff :) he has gotten quite used to the mask and smiles and talks up a storm when it is on. don't worry people he is doing much better..... as you see in the picture above he is walking around with a bottle of jack (auntie you need to be careful where you leave your booze :). ) at least the bottle was near empty and sealed shut tight.... the kid is back to getting into everything.... actually he never stopped.

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