Sunday, January 10, 2010

the puddle

so tonight brady had a potty obsession. good i guess as i will soon start potty training. he sat on the potty for about 15 minutes tonight. climbed off, got back on again, climbed off, asked me to close the door please...... to no avail we had not potty in the potty but we applaud the effort and interest. i took the boys up to bath immediately following this event. as I was washing brady's hair i noticed my foot was wet. so i thought that some water had splashed out of the tub. when i looked down though it was bright yellow. brian came up to pick up logan after he was washed and dressed minutes later. brady informed him, " daddy i peed and mommy put her foot in it." good times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. I can just imagine him saying that! I'm sure there will be more "puddles" before he's fully trained. Good Luck!

Aunt Mo

Carleen said...

How funny! At least he is getting the idea. Shouldn't be too long now.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Mom what were you thinking, stepping in it. Your son has such a sense of humor. Miss all these cute moments but thanks to Re I get to hear about them. Give them both hugs for me. Love Aunt Merri