Sunday, June 27, 2010

furniture makeover #1

i purchased these chairs off of craigs list for $40 for 4 of them. they were sturdy but in desperate need of a makeover.

chairs $40
behr premium paint with primer $14.99
sand paper $6
good quality purdy paint brush $10
compressor with paint sprayer attachment (we already owned this, i don't know what they typically cost. there are cheaper sprayers that do not require a compressor. they cost anywhere from $40 to $100) you can hand paint but it will show brush strokes, which is why i spray to avoid that look.
one yard of decorator fabric $7.00 (got it on sale.)
one yard of batting for under fabric on seats $2.77

here is the finished product. a little time and elbow grease and a beautiful set of old but new to me four chairs.
i almost can't bear the thought of my kids eating breakfast in these tomorrow.... i suppose that is all part of the fun though.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work. Love the fabric. CS