Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Brady!

as i look back on this last year of your life i am left wondering where the time has gone. there are days that i wish you were older, wiser and more self sufficient and days that i wish you were still the tiny little baby i held in my arms three years ago. you have grown into a little man this year. full of energy, mischief, defiance, confidence and straight up silliness. you love to repeat everything we say. you are our little sponge. you want to work more than play. you love to do anything your daddy is doing. you are still my little cuddle bug when you are sick or just waking up. i love that you love to curl up to a good book on the floor of your room. you are constantly smiling, laughing and talking. not a quite moment in this house and we wouldn't have it any other way. you are still quite the musician. you can carry a tune and remember the lyrics to a lot of songs. nothing brings a smile to my face faster than you walking through the house singing, "life is a highway....." the movie cars is your passion in life right now, right a long with shoveling, mowing and weed whacking. brady, keep on growing, learning and being you. we love you to the moon and back.
love mommy and daddy.

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Christy said...

Thanks for the rockin' party Brady!
You are quite the amazing young man and I have loved seeing you grow. I am looking forward to seeing you more this summer!