Monday, April 11, 2011

sitting chair makeover

this chair was a thrifty purchase.  i saw it went home, thought about it and went back the next day.  truth be told it really wasn't that bad to begin with, gray velvet just doesn't fit our house.  i was going to paint this beauty white and antique it.  i had some decorator fabric laying around that i absolutely love so i threw it across the chair and decided that it looked awesome with the wood in it's natural beauty.  my first instinct is always to paint wood, but this time i didnt' and the end result is pretty amazing, (especially for my first reupholstering job!)

the piping around the back was probably my biggest challenge and after figuring out i was not going to be able to staple it on without seeing the staples i resorted to my old stand by.  mr. hot glue gun.  he did a great job and it is holding beautifully.  i love this chair!  i sat and read in it last night.  the best part was how little it cost to add such a great piece to my room.  if you are patient things always pop up.  a decorating lesson i have been trying hard to learn and has taken some time to sink in.

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