Wednesday, April 20, 2011

today a little voice spoke with pure honesty

today these little legs and i walked into a field littered with colored plastic easter eggs.  today was the easter party at school complete with a pizza lunch.  you see all the parents were invited.  today i had to work, an appointment that i could not move.  i hurried as quick as i could so i could get to the party with full realization that i would be late.  but, he wouldn't notice.  it won't be a big deal.  i walked into the school with much on my mind and a cell phone attached to my head. secretly wondering how i was going to get it all done.  i got to class just in time to do the easter egg hunt.  my little man clinging tightly to my hand as we walked down the hall together.  his easter basket swaying back and forth.  we got outside and he was so excited. we held hands and walked through the field looking for eggs and that is when he spoke in a quiet hushed voice. "mommy where were you? all the mommies came and you didn't, you were late."  my heart sank.  i know i cannot be there all the time.  things are going to come up. right? at the same time if felt a lot of love.  he does notice, he does want me to be around and share in his experiences with him.  i should relish in this moment for i know someday this will not be the case.  i love these little guys, all the ups and downs and in betweens and will cherish our little egg walk today for the rest of my life.  i am so blessed.

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The Kier's said...

That was so cool! I love your blog. It is sure amazing how much our little ones do notice even though we think they won't. It's a tough job, but one worth doing. You are an amazing mama!