Monday, March 2, 2009

Logan and the Shrinking Monkey 2 months

My how time flys little man! You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I especially love the one sided smile. Every once in a while you only raise the right side of your mouth in a little smirk. You have a dimple on the right side only, one of the many things about you that makes you Logan Roo. You have started cooing at us and love to follow objects, especially your mommy around the room. You have given me a few good nights of sleep. Your stretch has been from 9 to 4. Thank you by the way I very much needed it. You still love eating and have grown a few inches length wise and around the waist! You hold your head up very well and if we are holding you up right you love to use your legs and push into a standing position. We can't wait to see what the next month holds. Love you Logey Roo!

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