Tuesday, March 24, 2009

minivan mom

we all know them, the minivan moms. the mom i will never be. i would rather drive a suburban and pay $100 for a tank of gas every week then be caught dead in the dreaded classic soccer mom car. how lucky was i that our expedition had to go back to the body shop for more repairs from the accident. i was supposed to get a little sedan car for a rental, but the one there was filthy so i sacrificed. the rental car lady showed up in a minivan. so my kids would have a clean back seat to hang in i took the van...... yes i have been driving the dreaded minivan the last two days..... the repairs were only supposed to take a day and now we are going on three........ brady loves it though because he can climb in on his own and walk up to the drivers seat and pretend drive the car while I get logan situated..... i told him not to get used to it, we will have the hooptie back soon.

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