Monday, May 11, 2009

don juan you make daddy proud

i have no picture that is how spur of the moment, completely out of character and suprising this was. we were at the park the other day with little dobs (the other brady). my brady (smith) was hanging out by the playhouse. he was keeping an eye on a little girl who was hanging out at the house too. she was probably his age maybe a little older. out of the blue he walked up placed his hands on both of her cheeks and just planted a huge big french kiss! her mother was horrified... thank god i have never seen her there before and hopefully never will again. after the little girl and her mother walked away christy and i could not stop laughing. a sign of days to come. brady smith better known as don juan. when i told daddy the story he high fived brady and taught him to say "you got some." oh boy!

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